Hiking Tour in the Cindrel Mountains with a lunch break at a sheepfold-MountainGuide-Sibiu, Romania

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Walking on the trails of the Cindrel mountains, you can glance clusters of sheepfolds scattered all over the edges of the massifs; they are skillfully led by shepherds always eager to talk to you, to share a bit of their life stories. The glades covered by colorful flower carpets are a great occasion to have a rest and enjoy the tranquility of the nature.
MountainGuide-Sibiu  suggests you an exciting hiking tour on the mountain trails in the area of Mărginimea Sibiului where we’ll learn more about the so-called “transhumanţă” phenomenon, one of the very well preserved traditions in the Cindrel Mountains

Our day starts with the transfer to the bottom of the Cindrel mountains, from where  we will start climbing up on a narrow shady path that leads us to an alpine glade; from here, we’ll continue our route till we reach the imposing mountaintops of the Cindrel massif. On the edge of the soft summit lies a traditional picturesque sheepfold.
It’s the perfect place to have a rest, enjoy the astonishing view and learn about the daily simple life of the shepherds. We’ll savor the delicious lamb and milk specialties skillfully prepared by the shepherds: different types of cheese (telemea, caş, urdă, burduf, jintiţă), pastrami and bacon, are just a few of the delicious products that, together with the “golden” polenta shall make you drool over...
Of course, all of these shall be accompanied by a sip of schnapps or a glass of red wine.   
Do not hesitate! Enjoy your day at the sheepfold and make yourself free from any stress or worries!

Tour details:
Area: S-E part of the Cindrel Mountains
Level of difficulty: Medium
Difference of level: + / - 600 m
Length of the tour: 5-6 hours
Sheepfold stop: 2 hours
Suggested time of year:  May – October
Number of persons:  4-25 pax
Lunch offer:
- different types of sheep cheese (telemea, urda, cas and burduf)                     
- polenta
- grilled lamb
- fresh vegetable salad
- homemade schnapps
- red wine
- Romanian fresh beer
- bread

For any further details about this tour, please don’t hesitate to contact us!