Hiking Tours in Romania: Guided Hiking Tour in the Cindrel Mountains with a lunch break to a sheepfold, Guests from the Netherlands, October 2015, MountainGuide-Sibiu, Romania

This autumn, we spent a week in Romania and hired Iulian as our guide for exploring the Cindrel mountains around Sibiu. We started early morning at the village of Rau Sadului, and made our ascent into the mountains. We hiked through an unspoiled landscape of alpine meadows, passing shepherds with their flock of sheep. Iulian guided us to the top of the range, from where we enjoyed an amazing view of the green valley below. Lunch was arranged at one of the shepherd houses, where we got a taste of the local strong drinks, bulz (big balls of polenta, stuffed with delicious fresh made cheese) and sausages. After lunch, we continued the tour with more hiking through this amazing landscape. If you enjoy hiking through an unspoiled and magical mountainous area, together with getting a taste of kcal delicious specialities from the shepherds, then we definitely recommend you to call Iulian and guide you through the Cindrel mountains.  We love Romania, thanks to Iulian's wonderful trip!

Jaarclub Spijker, DSC, The Netherlands, October 2015