Snowshoes Tours in the Cindrel Mountains & Lotru Mountains-6 days

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Are you an active person seeking for new winter experiences? Are you practicing snowshoeing tours? Romania with its less explored mountain areas could be the perfect destination for your active holiday in winter. Together with MountainGuide-Sibiu you will discover two massifs from the Carpathian Mountains chain, Cindrel Mountains and Lotrului Mountains, areas that haven’t been explored too much and where the time seems to pass slowly. All you have to do is choose this package which combines great snowshoeing tours with amazing landscapes and wonderful people and experiences. Try, dare, feel free from any stress, enjoy your Carpathian adventure!


Snowshoeing Tours in the Romanian Mountains-9 days

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Romania, a less known winter destination has a large array of mountain chains perfect for practicing snowshoeing.
We, MountainGuide-Sibiu suggest you some snowshoeing tours in the mountains that limit the southern part of Transylvania – “the land beyond the forests” – home of famous Dracula. We shall choose some tours in the Făgăraş Mountains – the highest in Romania, also known as the “Transylvanian Alps”, the Cindrel Mountains – truly breathtaking, the Bucegi Mountains, full of mysteries and history and we’ll end our tour at the bottom of the Piatra Craiului Mountains.