Hiking Tours in the Retezat Mountains-7 Days-MountainGuide-Sibiu

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The Retezat Mountains rise between two large valleys Petroşani and Haţeg, and it is divided into two parts: The Big Retezat, the most important part of the whole massif with the highest peaks: Peleaga (2509 m), Păpuşa (2508 m), Retezat (2485 m), Bucura (2433 m) or Judele (2398 m) and the Little Retezat, wilder than the former.
It is said that Retezat is the mountain with blue eyes because of its 80 lakes which mirror the blue sky.
In Retezat we shall see the largest glacier lake in the Romanian Carpathians – the Bucura Lake (almost 9 ha) and the deepest lake - Zănoaga (29 m depth).
MountainGuide-Sibiu suggests you a hiking  tour on the highest and most important peaks of the Retezat Mountains, combined with cultural visits to the most important tourist attractions in the country: the fortress from Alba Iulia, the Castle form Hunedoara and the Bison Natural Reserve from Hateg

Technical details:
Difficulty level: Active
– the tour is generally dedicated to experienced tourists;
Duration: 6 nights / 7 days
Ideal time of year: June, 1st – October 15 th
No. of persons: 4-15 pax

Day 1: Welcome in Romania
Arrival in Sibiu, a former Saxon medieval town, declared in 2007 European Capital of Culture. Transfer to the hotel; afterwards, a cultural guided tour in the historic center of the city (about 2 hours).
We’ll end our first day with a traditional Romanian dinner.

Day 2: Visit Alba Iulia
Cultural visit in Alba Iulia. The fortress became famous in the 18th century - La Belle Epoque – when it was built the most significant Vauban fortification ensemble.
Transfer to Carnic Area, at the bottom of the Retezat Mountains.
Ascend till the Gentiana Cabin (1672 m)
Length of the tour: 2 hours 30 min
Difficulty level: Easy-Medium
Level difference: + 667 m.
Dinner and overnight at the Gentiana Cabin.

Day 3: Towards the “blue eyes” of  Retezat
Genţiana Cabin (1672 m) – Pietrele Lake (1990 m) – Curmătura Bucurei - Bucura Peak (2433 m) - Tăul Porţii Lake – Florica, Viorica, Ana & Lia (the lakes with girl names) - Bucura Lake- Genţiana Cabin.
Length of the tour: 6-7 hours.
Difficulty level: Medium.
Level difference: + 761 / - 761 m.
Dinner and overnight at the Gentiana Cabin.

Day 4: Towards to the highest peak’s: Peleaga and Păpuşa.
Genţiana Cabin – Pietrele Lake (1990 m) – Custura Bucurei (2370 m) –Peleaga Peak (2509 m) – Pelegii Saddle – Păpuşa Peak (2508 m) – Rea Valley – Genţiana Cabin.
Length of the tour: 7 - 8 hours
Difficulty level: Medium,
Level difference: + 837 / - 837 m
Dinner and overnight at the Gentiana Cabin.

Day 5:  Retezat Peak ( 2485 m )
Genţiana Cabin – Pietrele Lake (1990 m) – Stânişoarei Ridge – Stânişoara Lake – Retezat Saddle – Retezat Peak (2485 m) – Lolaia Peak (2270 m) – Lolaia Ridge – Pietrele Cabin.
Length of the tour: 6-7 hours
Difficulty level: Medium,
Level difference: + 810/ -1002 m
Dinner and overnight at the Pietrele Cabin

Day 6:  Good bye Retezat Mountains,  Hunedoara Castle
Pietrele Cabin (1480 m) – Lolaia Waterfall – Cârnic Area – The Bison Natural Reserve – Hunedoara city –Huniazilor Castle – Sibiu.
Short tour to Lolaia waterfall.
Bus transfer till the area of the Hateg town where we shall visit the Bison Natural Reserve. Short visit to the famous Huniade Castle, in Hunedoara.
Transfer to Sibiu.
Dinner in a traditional Romanian restaurant
Length of the mountain tour: 2 hour
Difficulty level: Easy
Level difference: - 475 m.

Day 7: Museum in Open Air, Sibiu Good bye Romania
We shall spend the last day in Romania in the Open Air Museum, located in the Dumbrava Forest, where we shall visit traditional households and craftsmen workshops from all regions of Romania.
Spare time, transfer to the Sibiu International Airport.
End of the tour.

For any further details about this tour, please don’t hesitate to contact us!