I begin by presenting some reasons  why I think you need a mountain guide:

* A mountain guide is important for tourists because he offers information about the area they are in and the trail they want to hike

* A mountain guide will try to show you the most beautiful and interesting places of a mountain or of a Romanian area..

* A mountain guide knows every mountain trail and the accommodation places in season and out of season.

* By his medical training, the mountain guide can offer first aid, minimizing the risk of accidents and maximizing the efficiency of the trip.


* “Tour with a mountain guide” includes any mountain climbing activity, rock face escalade, sports escalade, ice climbing, ski (including tour ski, alpine ski and other similar activities), glacier traversing, traversing of hibernal crests, hikes and all schooling and instructions, climbing/descending from vehicles and camping or spending the night under the sky

* "The Client” is any person who requests and pays for tourist assistance services and participates to a guided mountain tour, independent for the duration and the type of activity.

* "The Guide” is any qualified and accredited person who offers for tourist assistance services.